I am Anja and this is my best friend Lily ;)

My story about Pettsie is very simple. I love animals. It all started with looking for a cat collar for my lovely kitty Lily. I noticed there were only plastic cat collars to choose from, but I want only the best for my feline.

I asked myself, why should my cat like and wear this materials, if I do not like them? It is a total different feel wearing a T-shirt made from 100% cotton and a T-shirt made from polyester.

How must our pets feel wearing non-breathable plastic collars and sleep in beds made from cheap materials?

I could not find natural, comfortable, soft and great looking pet collars anywhere. Therefore, I started to develop self-designed and unique pet products. I design all products with special care and love. My main priority is a high comfort and natural feel.

Pettsie products combine modern and unique design, natural materials like cotton, wood and hemp, durability and are great gift ideas for all pet lovers. They are packed in a natural gift box, so you receive them as a gift or present them to your friends.

I look forward to design new products for our best friends, because there is no greater reward as happy customers and their owners ;)

I wish you enjoy our Pettsie products and allow your pet and self to be special.