Cat collar with breakaway buckle, friendship bracelet and ID tube for safety

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  • Looks amazing and unique on your cat
  • Natural, comfortable and durable cotton that lasts longer
  • Breakaway buckle and ID tag for your cat's safety
  • Easy adjustable size
  • A perfect gift for all cat lovers

The stylish collar for the modern cat!

Your cat deserves unique and stylish design
To allow your cat to be as cute as possible, we made an elegant, unique and stylish collar. This special cotton collar comes with an added D-ring and stainless steel ID tube. Each collar is designed with special care to allow your pet to be even cuter as they already are and to look beautiful in all situations.

Your cat is your best friend, why not make it official?
In the set, besides a stylish cat collar, you also get a matching friendship bracelet. This combination is perfect to show your cat who their best friend is and to make them feel great. Now you and your best feline friend can both look cool with this perfect set! The added charm bracelet for the owner is designed for men and women.

100% natural cotton for softness and comfort
The collar and bracelet are made from sturdy 100% cotton, which is very comfortable to wear for you and your kitty. Due to its softness and comfort, cotton is the best material to choose from. This collar is specially designed for cats. It comes with a safety breakaway buckle for your cat’s safety in all situations.

Lightweight and stainless steel ID tube for your cat’s safety

Write your contact information like name, address and phone number on the attached small piece of paper. The size of the personalized ID tag is 0.8 x 0.3 inches. Because it is waterproof, the contact information will be safe.

Easy adjustable size to fit you and your cat
The cat collar is adjustable for neck sizes from 7.5-inch to 11.5-inch and is suitable for most cats. The kitten collar is adjustable for neck sizes from 5-inch to 8-inch. The unisex bracelet is adjustable from 6.3-inch to 11-inch. The width of the collar is 3/8“.

Perfect gift for all cat lovers
You will receive a set of a cat collar and a hand bracelet in a natural box. It is a great surprise idea for all cat lovers. Do not forget to surprise your friends also!