Why Your Cat Needs a Safe Breakaway Buckle Collar

If you have one or more cats then you already know that they’re one of the most important members of your family. Cats hold a special place in our hearts. A cat looks up to us and gives us plenty of love.

They don’t judge us for forgetting to brush our hair or wear neat clothes. They don’t care how much money we have or whether we cleaned the house – unless it’s their box.

Cats love us unconditionally and that’s why we buy only the best cat food and cat products for them. If your cat is indoors/outdoors, or you want your cat to wear ID just in case they sneak out the house one day, a cat collar is essential.

A safe breakaway buckle collar is an essential part of your cat’s life. Many cats today don’t wear collars. Perhaps the number one reason that pet owners don’t put one on them is for safety.

The pet owner may be worried that the cat’s collar will get caught on branches, bushes, or even a fence, and harm the cat. While cats are pretty good at extricating themselves from hazardous situations, it’s best to be cautious.


The stylish Pettsie cat collar offers a safe breakaway feature during wear. This buckle collar will actually break away from your cat’s neck, in the event that it catches on anything. Your cat will quickly be freed and will be safe and well.

The Pettsie collars are made from 100% natural cotton and have bright and colorful graphics on them. You can even choose a set that has a matching bracelet for you. You and your cat can wear matching accessories that show your love for each other!

The cat collars are adjustable. They clip on with a safety buckle. There is also a small hook where you can snap on your cat’s rabies vaccination tag, or an ID tag, that will lead a rescuer back to your address in the event your kitty becomes lost.

The natural cotton collar is suitable for cats with skin allergies. This will prevent them from scratching or trying to pull off their collar. If you have a multi-pet household, you can also purchase cat and dog collars together.

If you love your cat then it’s time to buy them a special Pettsie cat buckle collar that offers a safe breakaway feature.



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