What can a cat teach us about being present?

Believe it or not, your cat wants you to learn a lot of things when you spend time with them. Cats may seem too independent, but they are very lovely to spend time with, especially when you know what to do.

A lot of cat owners do not spend time with their feline companions and most times they leave them to cat sitters to take care of them. But trust me, your cat is looking to communicate and show you some things they long for you to know about.


In this article, we’ll show you some things you can learn by being present, including understanding your cat’s needs, body language, and inner secrets.

Without much ado, check out these secrets you can learn when present:

Being present - you will learn about my purring

Just because a cat purr doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy. Purring may also indicate that your cat is nervous, in pain, or manipulating you to feed them.

You can liken the purring of a cat to smiling in humans. People can smile when they’re happy and also when they’re comfortable. Likewise, purring can indicate different internal states.

That’s why it is important to be present and pay attention to your cat’s body language. When they are purring, little clues like tension and posture can help you understand your cat’s mood and state of health.

Being present – you’ll understand I’m meowing at you

Kittens are known to meow when they seek their mother’s attention, but adult cats rarely meow to communicate with other cats, instead, they may be trying to communicate with you.

So when you’re present and pay attention, you’ll understand what your cat is trying to tell you through meowing. Of course, you know your cat cannot speak like humans.

Being present – you will learn about my moisture needs in foods

Cats generally do not have the same water needs as other animals as they get the majority of their liquid through their food. You can try to serve your kitty high-water-content frozen treats (such as beef stock ice cubes) and wet foods and see how much they would enjoy it.

However, always make sure your feline friend gets plenty of fresh clean water.

Being present – you will learn I’m not as hungry as I pretend to be

Cats are very good at pretending to be very hungry when they actually need only a little amount of food. They know they’ve got you wrapped around their paws; as experience as taught them. But when it comes to food, you may indulge them beyond what they need.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has shown that more than 50 percent of US cats are overweight and obese. That’s more than 47 million fat cats – which their owners fed.

Feline overweight and obesity are now becoming prevalent and it can cause arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease.

That’s more reason you should consult your veterinarian to learn about the proper amounts of food to include in your cat’s diet. And ensure you stick to your guns.

Being present – you’ll learn I love being indoors

Although cats are known to be wild, outdoor animals historically, the domestication and industrialization of our present society have made it much safer for cats to prefer to stay indoors.

So by being around, you will learn how to provide stimulations that are common outdoors, but in a safe environment.

Being present – you’ll learn I need mostly meat

Cats may have to take meat in their daily diet, and that’s simply because they are obligate carnivores. They need more protein and fewer carbohydrates than we humans.

The cats’ wild predecessors get most of their carbohydrates from the digestive systems of their prey.

Being present – you’ll learn my teeth need to be cleaned

You may think dental health is only important to humans and not animals. But that’s not true as your cat’s teeth need regular cleaning. And it is not fun but necessary as it helps you save money on vet bills over time.

Irrespective of the type of diet your cat’s on, it is often recommended to feed your cat raw chicken. This does not only help your cat get natural calcium, but it is also a great way to allow your cat to clean their teeth.

However, you should never add cooked bones to your feline friend’s diet. Doing this can cause serious injuries when ingested.

Being present – you’ll know that I don’t just like to scratch, I need to

Cats generally love to scratch and it is important to get them a proper scratching post. The Humane Society of the United State notes that cats scratch for several reasons, including:
  • Cats scratch to mark their territories.
  • Cats scratch to remove the dead outer layers of their claws.
  • Cats scratch to flex their feet and claws and stretch their bodies.
  • Cats scratch when they’re excited, like after naps, or when you arrive from work.

So your cat will teach you all of these needs when you’re present. But when you fail to provide a good outlet for this natural behavior, your cat will look for a suitable place to exercise this instinctive action, and this might be your couch or other furniture.

To avoid scratching on furniture, you should provide a scratching post, play with your cat on it, and reward them with a treat when they do it right.

Being present – You’ll understand that showing you my tummy doesn’t mean I want you to touch it

The tummy of a cat is the most vulnerable part that you must respect. Although they might show it to you as a sign that they feel safe and contented to be in your presence, it is not an invitation to start touching this body part.

Being present, you will learn how to respect your cat’s personal space requirement as it differs in every cat. If you have to go in for a tummy rub, ensure you do so with caution to avoid being a victim of some fast paw action.

If you’re present and pay attention to your feline friend, you will eventually know the difference between invitation for a tummy rub and showing off.

Being present –You’ll understand I love to share my territory

Cats are solitary animals in the wild, but they’re often willing to share their territory if they will not be completely displaced. Your cat can allow other cats to come into their territory as long as they will not claim that space.

If you have more than one cat in your home, you need to help your kitties avoid territorial disputes. They need to figure out times they are allowed in certain spots, perhaps enjoying a favored window perch in the morning and swapping to relax in an easy chair in the afternoon.

If you have a shortage of desirable hang-out spots in your multi-cat home, chances are that there would be territory squabbles.

Being present can help you improvise. For example, if there is discord over who stays on your bed at night, you can add a cat tree with a perch to your bedroom. This new addition of a new sleeping spot can help eliminate discord.


Cats may not be able to speak as humans do, but they sure want you to learn a lot of things about them while being present. You need to pay attention to their body language and signals over time to help them live peacefully with you and other pets that you might have around.

Although cats may be independent, they still want to be heard and stay around you more. Give your feline friend that attention they deserve and you’ll learn a lot.



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