Six Things You can do if Your Cat is not Drinking Enough Water

We all know that drinking plenty of water is important for our health. This is not only true for humans, but also for our precious kitties. Cats have a bad habit by not drinking enough water. Especially if your cat prefers dry food, drinking plenty of water is necessary to avoid kidney disease. If you never see your kitty drinking water, then she definitely has water deficiency.


What can we, attentive cat parents do, to prevent diseases related to dehydration and have a healthy cat with a long and great life?

Before we start, read the following first.

To better understand cat’s regarding water, we need to know some things about their history. When cats were not yet domesticated, they were hunting for food. They knew that there were other animals near waters, their competitors, so they had to carry their food away from to eat their prey in peace. This is the reason they do not associate food with water. It is more likely your kitty will drink water, which is not next to their bowl with food.

Now let us begin with the tips.

1. Place a jar or bowl filled with water at different places in your house. These places can be the table in your living room, working table, TV desk, window ledge, bedside … Now just wait and see, which place your kitty likes the most. The chosen ones are her new drinking spots. However, do not let just one jar in one place. Enable your cat the possibility to drink from multiple places around the house.

2. Make some tests! Figure out, if your kitty prefers high or low cat bowls or even a jar. Some people do not know yet, but many cats prefer drinking from higher cups. The favorite drinking bowl for my kitty Lily is a regular teacup. Do not hesitate to give your cat her favorite jar or teacup ;)

3. Change the water with fresh one daily! Can you imagine drinking the same water for days? Terrible right? But remember, it is not enough to only change the water every day, it is necessary to clean the bowl also.

4. Have you ever tried if your cat would drink running water from a water tap? Next time open the tap and let the water run very slowly. Let it run for a few minutes and you will see the reaction of your kitty. If you are not successful the first time, try it a couple more times. Some cats enjoy drinking fresh water directly from the water tap. Here you see Lily drinking some fresh water. Awesome, right?

5. Did you know that some cats drink the water left in a bathtub or shower? Be sure you washed away all the soap or shampoo with water, so your kitty does not drink anything else than fresh water.

6. Is your cat drinking from flower vases? Then she is definitely a fan of high jars. When you do not have flowers in a vase, just fill the vase with fresh water for your kitty. Your cat will appreciate it ;)

Do you have some more ideas?

When you are convincing your cat to drink more, it is relevant to be patient and to test different things. Maybe this sounds crazy, but if your kitty likes to lick your wet hands, why not. The same applies when you come out of the shower. If your kitty is licking water from your wet legs, why not let her ;) The most important thing is that your cat drinks enough water.

I wish you all the best with different approaches. Actually, it can be real fun, especially when your kitty likes your favorite jar the most ;)



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