Science says get a cat to be healthier and happier

Were you sold on the fact that cats help their owners do well mentally, emotionally, and physically, and you wonder, “Is it true? Well, you’re not alone. There are several kinds of research that have looked into the impacts of these felines on overall health and wellbeing. The summary is that we keep getting more convinced that cats are a special species to have around the home.

You may think, “How can my kitty offer benefits to me when they seem to be ungrateful for my love and affection always?” Yes, even scientists were a little confused by that as cats can go from enjoying a belly rub to digging their teeth into your skin without any warning signs.


The truth, however, is that science has shown that there are a ton of ways cats make our lives healthier and happier.

Benefits of getting a cat as a pet

If you’re interested in learning what science says about the benefits of keeping a kitty around your home, here are some proven facts:

Cats can help calm your anxiety

Sure, it is hard to believe right? Quite understandable! But the truth is that science has proven that cats help calm anxiety issues in their owners.

Studies prove that we tend to see cats as a strongly calming presence in our lives as a result of their less-dependent nature on humans and other types of pets.

Also, cat owners have been shown by studies to enjoy restful heart rates and lower blood pressure. You can easily respond to challenges without feeling overwhelmed or threatened when you have a cat around you.

Cats can help improve your sleep quality

You may not think in this direction as your cat tends to make noise all night and wake you up at the crack of dawn before breakfast.

But science has proven that when you share sleeping space with your feline friend (especially one that purrs and cuddles), you tend to enjoy better sleep quality.

A study conducted among pet owners shows that 41 percent of them reported improved sleep quality when they have their pet by their side.

Cats can take away loneliness

Pets generally can make great companions, and science has shown that having cats around you helps to reduce feelings of loneness and seclusion in your life.

More so, when you’re lonely, you can easily play with your cat, talk with them, or cuddle with them on your bed.

One study showed that having cats around makes kids feel less sad and lonely compared to kids who didn’t have cats. These benefits extend to adults too, no doubt.

Cats can help improve mental health   

As a cat owner, you would have noticed how your cat makes you happy. Scientific studies have confirmed that cat owners are more psychologically healthy than people living without pets. The people living with pets are reported to be happier, less nervous, and more confident.

One study showed that people living with cats have fewer negative emotions than people living without cats. These people report having less bad moods than people who own other kinds of pets.

Cats are highly entertaining

If you’ve ever played with a frisky cat, you would know just how entertaining they can be. Cats are natural hunters and they have fierce drives for prey. So with just a feather, a ball, or a piece of string, you can have your cat jumping, chasing, and pouncing for hours.

Interestingly, most cats find contentment in playing by themselves with any object that they can handle. This can give you plenty to watch and laugh at.

Cats can help improve your social life

A lot of people believe that “crazy cat ladies” are not friendly, but research has debunked that myth.  In fact, multiple studies have shown that cat owners trust and like people more than non-pet owners.  In other words, owning a cat can help make you more socially sensitive.

Another study has confirmed that kids who lived around cats were better at making friends and communicating with people around them.

Pets generally are great “social catalysts” as they induce social contact between people. One author wrote, “A pet can be openly affectionate, loyal, accepting, and honest – these are characteristics that can fulfill your need to feel a sense of love and self-worth.

Cats can encourage you to take a nap

Taking naps is one recommended self-care practice that many people do not observe. However, cats have been studied to sleep around 16 hours every day.

If you want to get some encouragement to slow down and take a nap, you can keep your cat close to you as they’d be willing to take a snooze with you at any time of the day.

Cats can help you fight off depression

Cats offer lots of medical benefits and owning one is a good way to support your physical and mental health.

One way a cat supports your mental health is by increasing your happiness and decreasing your feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Studies even show that cats help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with clinical depression.

Cats lower your risk of a stroke

Many studies have shown that cat owners have a greatly reduced risk of having cardiovascular diseases, including strokes and heart attacks.

One study conducted in 2009 showed that people who own cats currently and those who owned cats in the past are at far less risk of cardiovascular problems. This study attributed better health to the fact that cats help to reduce blood pressure and stress, allowing the cardiovascular system to stay healthy long term.

Cats can lower your triglycerides and cholesterol levels

The same 2009 study above showed that having cats as a pet helps to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. Researchers also discovered that getting a cat was more effective at bringing high cholesterol levels in patients into a normal range than using medications.

Although researchers cannot clearly state why cats offer these particular benefits to their owners, there’s no doubt that owning a cat helps improve your overall health.

Cats can help you fight off asthma and allergies

Cats may not do much for existing allergies in adults, but if you want your children to be free from these allergies, get a cat.

The National Institute of Health released a study in 2002 showing that kids below one year of age who were exposed to cats on a regular basis were less likely to suffer all kinds of allergies. More so, those kids were less likely to have ragweed, dust mite, grass, and other allergies.

Cats can help improve your muscle injuries and bone health

When you cuddle with your cat, you have a higher chance to recover faster from a bone or muscle injury or a minor wound.

Studies have shown that cats purr between 20 and 140 Hz frequency and this can help minor injuries heal faster and improve bone health density. In other words, as a cat purrs, it offers many healing benefits.

Cats can help you live longer

You might have observed that most cat owners live longer than those who do not have feline friends in their lives. This is not far-fetched looking at all those benefits highlighted above. This means you have plenty of time to continue enjoying good health as a cat lover.


Getting a cat, no doubt offers huge benefits that keep you healthier and happier. And even if you’re avoiding the commitment to keep a cat, a study from the University of Indiana showed that watching cat videos helped people get instant energy and mood boost, clearing negative feelings throughout the day.

However, there are more benefits when you have a cat in your home. You can get a kitty today and see how much improvement you gain in your overall health and wellness.



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