Main reasons why people are the happiest when they spend time with their dogs

Dogs are one the most lovable pets anyone can add to their family. And these four-legged friends have been known for a long time to be one of man’s best friends. A lot of dog owners become happier after bringing a new pup home, and there are many reasons for that.

These owners are quick to share how much happier and more fun their lives have become after adopting a new puppy. That’s because of the enormous physical and emotional benefits that come with spending quality time with your dog.


Here are the main reasons why people are the happiest when they have a dog around their home:

Dogs support fitness routine

Dogs are energetic and love to stay active. This makes them a great workout partner. In fact, you may not find a better cardio companion like dogs.

If you finding it hard to stay motivated while working out, taking your pooch with you could help you want to do more because they make it exciting and fun-filled.

Also, if you fancy a bit of company while you rest in your garden, dogs are great companies.

You cannot overemphasize the enthusiasm and happiness dogs have for exercise. Their energy is contagious and just when you think you’re burning out, a sudden squirrel sighting can make your dog push you to do more.

Even if you prefer walking, dogs are great walking partners. A lot of dog owners admit they wouldn’t walk as often if they didn’t have a furry friend to keep them going.

So you tend to exercise more whether you own or borrow a dog. Most times, you’ll end up walking for an extra one hour every day.

Dogs boost your mood and health

Dogs have been tagged to be your heart’s best friend because they help you achieve lower blood pressure and weight loss.

Apart from the physical benefits, dogs also help psychologically in the following ways:

    • They help increase your happiness levels
    • They help you feel positive like your best friend would do
    • They reduce stress and make you feel less lonely

    When you spend just 20-30 minutes with a lovable dog, you will often feel more calm and relaxed and get relief from everyday stress. Overall, spending quality time with your furry friend helps you become happier.

    Dogs help to improve your social life

    Your social life tends to improve when you have a dog around you. You tend to interact more with other dog owners, and you easily lose your shyness and tend to interact with people.

    Some dog owners join a local dog community and whenever they speak with other owners and borrowers, they tend to meet like-minds and make new friends.

    If you’ve been living a sedentary and boring life, getting a dog can make you get to meet people, hence, improving your social life. You tend to have more fun that way and you become a lot happier than being alone.

    More so, those neighbors or people living just across your street can become your best buddies when you have dogs. The conversation is always organic and smooth and you may even get to secure business contracts in the process, who knows.

    Dogs teach you to stretch, drink plenty of water, and stop to smell the roses

    You’re likely to see your dog stress at least once or twice throughout any given day. They also tend to stop to smell flowers while walking in the morning, and drink plenty of water once they return inside.

    So if you could mirror what your pup is doing, there are a lot of health benefits you could enjoy.

    Imagine stretching out when your pup stretches, saying hello when your pup wags their tail at a neighbor, gulp some water while they’re also drinking water. These actions help a long way to improve your state of mind and routine.

    A lot of dog owners revealed how they were able to enjoy a better state of mind and routine just by mirroring the good actions of their dogs.

    Dogs help with autism, ADHD, and sensory issues

    Having a pet helps tremendously with many health and mental issues. Many adults and kids with ADHD have enjoyed a great improvement in their health while keeping a pet.

    When kids with tons of energy play with a dog, it helps them release excess energy, and this leads to better mood and sleeps at night.

    People living with autism also show how having a dog helped them with sensory integration activities. They tend to learn how something feels against their skin and the normal way to react to certain sounds and smells.

    More so, children and adults living with autism have an increased level of happiness when they see that something understands them and doesn’t get confused or frustrated.

    Dogs can assist with depression

    A lot of therapists now prescribe a pet as a way to help people deal with depression. Although it is important to exercise, eat healthily, and spend time with loved ones to cure depression, owning an adorable furry friend has been proven to also help all kinds of people with depression, including ex-military and children.

    There are many reasons why pets help with depression, however, the most basic and sweet reason is that dogs will love you unconditionally unlike humans. These adorable creatures give you a listening hear, agree with you, and accept you for who you are.

    No matter what happened to you during the day – a big fight with your partner, a stressful day on the job, or a scary accident- dogs always show the same amount of affection and attention. This helps to ease the stress and boost your happiness.

    More so, when you take your dog on a walk or feed them, it takes you out of yourself at that moment and makes you feel important and needed.

    If you come home feeling exhausted and dejected and you find your furry friend wagging their tail and waiting for you to pet their head, your body tends to go through a change that impacts your mood. The level of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, tends to go down, and more serotonin associated with well-being is produced.

    Dogs help to improve heart health

    Apart from the leap you feel in your heart anytime you see your pup do something lovely, studies have shown that dog owners tend to have a better survival rate one year after sustaining a heart attack.

    In fact, research shows that pet owners have a lower risk of dying from any cardiac ailment, including heart failure.

    Note that heart disease is still the number one cause of death among women and men. So it would be wise of you to have a dog around to keep your heart healthy.


    Dogs are lovely and adorable pets and they help you enjoy a lot of health benefits when you spend quality time with them. Your happiness level tends to increase, and your level of stress, depression, anxiety, and risk of diseases drops.

    Most times, you get to meet a lot of happy people and make new friends as you walk your dog or take them to dog shows. It indirectly helps you improve your social skills and also build business links.

    Get a pup for yourself today and observe how much happier you would be whenever they’re around.



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