How to properly introduce your new feline friend to an existing pet

Cats are very affectionate pets and great friends with their owners. That is the reason you would find cat owners tend to have more than one cat in their household. But one has to be aware that the temperament of the cat varies just like human beings. Also, they are not very social with other cats and are possessive of their territory. Hence, you need to be very patient and plan in advance if you are going to bring a new cat to your home when you already have one who is so used to you.

It has been observed that most cats are territorial creatures, and they are not very comfortable with new animals around them. They are also possessive about their owners and do not appreciate if an intruder would disturb the relationship. However, this does not mean that no household would be harmonious when there are two cats under the same roof. Yet, if you decided to get rid of the nasty hissing bouts that would inevitably occur, there are things you can do to foster a more peaceful environment.


The first thing you have to do is enlist the help of a friend. Your friend should be the one to carry the new cat into the house, preferably in some cat carrier so that it would not be too alarming a sight for your first cat. But why get a friend to do this? Your old cat would find it inappropriate or not be appreciative of seeing you holding another cat in your arms. So, you need to get a friend to do this for you initially.

Once your friend, you, and your new cat are inside the house, make sure to take the new cat into a separate room. Do not attempt to have both cats inside the same place at this stage. You are asking for trouble if you would do this. In this separate room, make sure the new cat has its sleeping area, a litter box, feeding dish, water dish, playthings, and most importantly, its scratching post. With its separate room, your first cat will soon notice that there is indeed another cat holding its territory in the same house.

Cats' sense of smell is very intense, so you can expect your old kitty to notice the presence of the new cat by its scent even beyond those closed doors. The key here is to let your kitty indirectly smell the new cat. You can do this by rubbing the new cat with a cloth or towel and then have your first cat feel that material. Eventually, your old cat will become accustomed to this unique smell.

After some time, you should try to swap the rooms of the cats so that each cat can sniff each other's presence out, making both of them more accustomed to each other as well. Eventually, allow the cats to spend more time together in the same room. This may take a few times and tries, but be patient.

Cats are very defensive and particular about their territory. They do not like other animals invading their homes. They do not like other animals like rats, dogs or birds, etc. disturbing them so if you have other pets at home; then you need to make special arrangements so that they can stay together with the cat.

In case there is a dog at your home, then the new kitten would be terrified of the dog, specifically if the kitten has not ever seen a dog or lived with dogs. You should introduce the kitty to the dog slowly and eventually let your dog sniff your cat, and then both the cat and dog will get to each other's scent. After a span of one or two days, you should keep the cat in the carrier from where it can smell and watch the dog from a safe distance.


After a while, when you discover it's the right time to introduce two animals to bring out the cat and let it meet with the dog. Never leave the animals alone unless you are firmly sure that they are not going to fight. While at times, cats and dogs are happy to live together in the house, some may prefer to live in their territorial boundaries within the home. You should be able to understand whether your cat and dog accept each other and prefer to live with each other or not.

In case you have other animals like birds, fishes, reptiles at home, then you may not prefer to let your cat met them. As cats are hunters by nature, they may consider your small bird, fish, or guinea pig as a prey.

Your other pets may be scared and develop fear when they face the cat. If your cats are allowed to move inside the rooms in your house where other pets also live, then you should keep a check that the tanks and cages, etc. are secure and safe enough and that the cat cannot reach inside them.


Your feline pals are also worthy of the same kind of attention and respect as other people similar to your friends and members from family. They give us company and also enliven our moods whenever we feel low. They help us wake up when we are in deep sleep and even entertain us with their funny and loving gestures.

We should also take care of cats and nurture our association with them. Cats are independent; however, some interaction with humans every day is instrumental in showing them that we care for them. A simple snuggle full of affection is far impacting. But it is essential to know that your kitty may not want to be touched all the time, so it is better to leave it alone at that time.

Give your loving cat a fulsome feed but do not over-feed them. Consult your veterinarian for the most appropriate diet for your cat and do not prefer buying cat food, which is cheap in quality. Always try to provide your cat with fresh and pure water to drink. It will be angry as it does not have water to drink when it is thirsty. Imagine how you would feel when you want water, and you are not able to drink it? Now you must be aware why, at times, your kitty licks the spout.

It is essential to clean litter regularly. In case you have more than one cat, then it is insisted that you use a separate litter pan for each cat. It is OK that the cats may share one pot, but some cats are particular, and they do not like sharing. In case you are using the same pan, the litter must be clean for the kitty. Otherwise, there may be instances of vengeance in your cat's form of an accident.

When you decide that it's time to let them mingle with each other, you should oversee their meeting. Praise them for any good behavior they give towards each other and stop their fights if things get heated up.

You should allow them both to enjoy activities with each other, like providing them with toys that they can share or playing with them both. If they already get along, you should also provide them with a giant cat bed that can accommodate both of them. This way, you can also allow them to be comfortable when they sleep.

Never tease or abuse your cat; this may annoy them. Enjoy the time playing with your cat, but never be forceful.



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