How to naturally get rid of dog smell

Dog smell is one of the challenging aspects all dog owners have to deal with at some point. Yeah, just like humans with our unique smell, especially when we are not maintaining a good hygiene, dogs too have their characteristic smell, but unfortunately, many dog owners relegate their pooch to an outdoor space 24/7 just to avoid the smell on their furniture and clothing.


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The good news, however, is that there are things you can do to get rid of that doggy funk replacing fresh air in your home and masking your air fresheners. In this article, we shall focus on natural measures you can take to get rid of dog smell.

But before then, let’s first understand why dogs smell.

Why do dogs smell the way they do?

Well, according to experts, every dog’s skin produces an important oil that helps keep them healthy. But this oil often comes with a distinct scent, which is not always pleasant.  Do you know dogs sweat from their feet? Funny, right? That’s not all, they also get wax buildup in their ears. That’s a whole lot of smell to deal with.

You wouldn’t believe it, but the truth is that dogs are proud of their scent – of course it’s their identity, so why shouldn’t they? It’s their mark on their space – From the smell of their saliva on their toys, bed, your face, your neck to that stinky hot dog breath.

So, the question is, “what can you do to get rid of dog smell naturally?” Let’s get to find out.

Natural ways to get rid of dog smell

I know you’re at the edge of your seat right now, but relax, I will be showing you some smart measures you can take to get rid of dog smell in your house. But depending on how strong the smell is, you may need to invest some efforts into this process.

Without further ado, check out these measures:

Clean your dog’s lounging areas

Many dog owners are fond of cleaning every part of their house regularly save their dog’s space. This is one reason your home reeks with dog smell, especially when you have your doggie bed and toys inside your house.

So one of the important ways to get rid of dog smell is to put your dog’s lounging areas into your cleaning routine. Always keep in mind that anything your dog touches, sleeps on or play with will always their signature smell. So add all of these areas and items to your cleaning and washing to-do list.

Neutralize dog-smelly furniture

If your has full access to your furniture, couches, and carpets, you should keep in in mind that their fur, saliva, and paws gets on these materials, and this might be a source of smell.

Therefore, in addition to our first measure above, you need to ensure you take a comprehensive approach to get rid of your dog’s smell. Follow the process – strip, shampoo and neutralize, and then deodorize.

Start by cleaning your bedding, linens, and furniture. If you can remove your pillow and cushion covers, go ahead. Flip your mattresses if it’s possible and vacuum them dry before using a steam cleaner. Do not skip the strip and vacuum step and jump to steam cleaning – you might aggravate the smell issues.

So take your time, vacuum everywhere, including the back of cabinets and under couches to neutralize the dog odors completely.

After vacuum cleaning your furniture, you can move on to break out the carpet cleaner. A high-grade steam cleaner is often recommended for best result. If you can’t handle the process properly, you may consider hiring a professional to do a great job.

After cleaning, the final step is to use deodorants to keep your home smelling nice and prevent the smell from coming back. You may go to any store to buy a pet deodorizer or prepare specific deodorizing mixes yourself – some owners claim DIY mixes works far better than commercial grade deodorizers.

Sprinkle baking soda on your bed

After the whole process of stripping your furniture and bed, cleaning, and deodorizing your home, it is smart to take measures to keep the dog smell away. I would show you what to do!

After remaking your bed and replacing the linens, try sprinkling baking soda on your beddings. Also, lift the cushions on your couch and sprinkle some soda under these materials.

You might wonder, “Why baking soda?” well, this natural ingredient is a strong odor absorber. Besides taking the stinky smell away, it adds fragrance to your home. However, you may consider dowsing the baking soda with some fragrant oils to add your preferred scent.

Make sure you sprinkle to the bottom of your bedroom mattresses, be as thorough as you can, especially if your pooch shares your bed with you or with the kids. You can leave the baking soda to saturate the whole room for about twelve hours before vacuuming up. Make this a weekly routine to keep dog smell away.

Here’s one smarter tip for you – You can open a box of baking soda close to your dog’s sleeping or playing area. So, when they make a mess, you can easily clean it and sprinkle baking soda on it. Then, you allow it some time to dry before vacuuming the mess.

Mop with vinegar

You may feel you don’t have a dog smell problem because you’ve got hardwood floors or linoleum. But that’s not true! The sweat coming off your dog’s paws and its saliva may stick to the hardwood floors, leaving some smell behind.

So it is advisable that you mop every week. You may add one parts vinegar to three parts water and use as a cleaning solution to ward off strong smells completely.

Brush your dog’s teeth

Dogs do have bad breath, no doubt about that. So what do you expect when they lick themselves and lick your face of body? Of course, they leave those bad smell on your body, your clothes, and everywhere around your house.

So here’s what you can do – You can either brush your pooch’s teeth manually or feed them with teeth cleaning treats. The point I am trying to make is that maintaining a good oral hygiene is a way to get rid or at least reduce the terrible smell released by your dog.

Dry your dog’s fur after a bath

Some dog owners leave their dog to shake dry after a bath, but that’s not ideal. You need to always know that after a bath, shaking off doesn’t dry your dog completely. Their fur is still wet and makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

So here’s what I’ll advice – Always use a dry towel or maybe a blow dryer on your dog after a bath. This is especially important if your furry friend has got thick and long dry. But if you’re using a blow dryer, always remember to use the cool setting.

Drying your dog’s skin and fur thoroughly is a good way to protect them against bacteria infestation and any form of smell that may follow.


By following the natural measures highlighted above, you can control the unpleasant smell produced by dogs. Most importantly, you can keep your home smelling super fresh.

Don’t try to be harsh or punish your dog when you notice smells around your furniture or materials around your home. It’s a natural thing as every dog produces oils from their skin that makes their characteristic smell.

If you really love your pooch, then you should stick to good hygienic practices like those we’ve suggested in this article. And if you still find it hard to deal with your dog’s smell, do not hesitate to seek advice from your veterinarian.



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