How to get your cat to sleep in her bed?

So, you have decided to bring this beautiful pet to your home, well that’s great! You have even agreed that the cat should sleep in her own bed and to achieve this, training is very important. Yes, you need to start training your cat from the beginning.

Keep in mind that patience is key! You have to show patience for a few days, and after that, she will be trained enough to sleep all by herself.

So follow these tips to train her regarding how to sleep in her new bed.

1. Place the bed in a fixed place

To place the bed in the right place is the most important thing. You have to choose a place that is comfortable for your cat to sleep. If she has already decided a spot in the house, then you should place her new bed there. However if not, then it is your responsibility to choose a place for your cat. You need to keep in mind that place should not be exposed to heavy foot traffic, noise and dirt.

A warm place with a little light would be a great option. But still, it depends on the likeness of your pet. You may have to try a few places to decide for the final one.

2. Set the bed on height

It might be your cat loves to sleep at height. So it would be a great way to introduce her with a new bed by placing it on height. You can set her bed on a shelf or even on a chair. But it is necessary to take essential measures to prevent accidents. Yes, the cat can jump down anytime, so it is necessary to make arrangements accordingly. After all, safety is very important.


3. Play with them

This is another viable option cats get used to a new bed. It is essential to play with them when they are awake. This will make them feel tired and they can comfortably sleep during the night. Introducing cat to a new bed can be a difficult task but is not impossible. If they are tired, they will not bother whether the bed is old or new.

4. Keep the bedroom door closed

Yeah, you need to do that! Cats don’t feel comfortable to sleep in their beds most of the time. So, it becomes essential to train them if you don’t want them to wake up just next to you. A cat can use various tactics that will force you to open your room and allow her to enter, like meows and scratching. But you don’t need to bother for a few minutes. If she continues to do so, then pick her up and bring her to the new bed. You can sit by her side and pat her back. This will give her a feeling of safeness and love.

5. Avoid too much food before going to bed

Please, don’t give them a bowl loaded with a lot of food at night. This could make them feel hyperactive during the night and it’s not good for you. Yes, this factor matters a lot. Most of the owners give too much food to their cats and the results are countless sleepless nights. You need to avoid this.


6. Smells of you

To make your cat more comfortable, you can leave items in the bed that smells of you. It works! Cats have a heightened sense of smell. They don’t want to sleep in those places which don’t smell good. The best option is to put things in her bed that smells like you. It can compensate all your efforts to bring the cat to her bed. It will help the cat to feel safe and secure.

7. Restrict undesirable areas

Cats like to sleep in laundry, furniture and even on sofas. You have to stop her from doing so. If you want to train her to sleep in her new bed, then make all those places undesirable for her. You can create specific sounds to avoid her to go to those places. This can help her to choose only her bed or mat and not to sleep in those places that are restricted.

These are some of the tips that you can try. However, if you are looking to buy the best bed and mat for cats, then Pettsie is offering you an affordable and multifunctional bed for cats and small dogs. So do shop with us and get the fluffiest bed for your little pet.



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