Easy ways to find out if your cat is happy

Cats are funny creatures- One moment they can be rubbing on you, and the next run into a closet. So it can be sometimes tough for you to know if they’re happy.

Your cat always wants to snuggle, but on their terms, and they want most of your attention, even when you’re running out late for something urgent. So how do you know they aren’t happy, what are the signs?


The following are some behaviors and body languages that shows that your feline friend is most likely happy:

They like to play

When your cat engages in play at the slightest chance, it is a clear sign that they are happy. Scientists believe that play is a luxury behavior that is only engaged in when other high-priority needs are met.

In cases of older cats, they may play less but will still show a spark in their eyes when a new or favorite toy is offered for play.  That’s a sign that they are happy.

Cats often want to play with you to show you they’re happy in a number of ways. They may lie on their side and twitch their tail. Sometimes, they may chase balls of paper or string or laser pens. These are inexpensive stuff you can buy to create interactions for your four-legged friends.

Cheek rub/head butt

If your cat rubs their head on your cheek, what they’re actually doing is leaving behind their unique scent via their skin glands.

Scents are a common way of communication for cats, and this behavior leaves a message for the cat, letting them know it’s a safe place for them. More so, it lets you smell more like part of their social group. This is a clear sign that they’re happy to be around you.

Slow blinking

If your cat stares at you and slowly closes and opens their eyes, it’s a clear sign that they’re feeling relaxed and happy in your presence.

You can try slow blinking back to let your feline friend know that you’re also happy to be around them.

They show confidence

When your cat shows off a confident behavior around you, it’s a clear sign that they’re happy. Your cat tends to become curious about the world around them when they’re happy around you. They tend to show interest in anything they come across, or they might just sit and observe quietly.

Most times, confident cats hold their head up and have a very good appetite. They twitch their tail from side to side to show curiosity in everything.

More so, when your cat keeps their ears facing forward and their whiskers relaxed, it’s a clear sign to show they are happy and contented.

They’re in good physical health

Cats can suffer mental imbalance when they are suffering from any kind of illness, from respiratory problems to intestinal upset. They would surely be unhappy during this period.

Healthy cats, on the other hand, tend to be very happy.

When cats are happy, they tend to groom themselves and stay clean. Besides, they might groom other cats and even their owner, just to express trust and happiness.

But when cats are unhappy, they stop grooming and become scruffy. You’ll often know something is wrong from the way they look. And these can be a clear indicator that you need to visit your vet for a proper checkup and treatment.

Settling on your lap

Cats tend to curl on your lap when they’re happy. You might have noticed your cat kneading your lap with their paws, just like kneading dough. This is a sign that they are happy.

They’re only trying to act like they’re still kittens when they play with their mum’s teat to encourage the milk. So whenever you see your cat settling on your lap, know that it’s a sign of pleasure, contentment, trust, as well as enjoyment.

They sleep adequately

Cats normally have a long shut-eye period, but sometimes a cat may have short sleep to indicate unhappiness, discomfort, or physical and emotional trouble.

There should be an appropriate amount of time for cats to sleep at a particular age to show content.

So, you can monitor your feline friend’s sleeping habits and note any particular changes. When they’re happy, they tend to sleep adequately in a peaceful manner.

More so, happy cats choose their sleep location carefully. Most times, they prefer to sleep with other cats (if you have more than one), or they may curl next to you on the sofa.

When cats are relaxed, they sleep socially. So if you observe that your cats come to sleep beside you, don’t feel bad, it’s a clear sign that they trust you and are very content.

But take note, when a cat sleeps too much, it can be a bad sign. They may sleep too much as a way to deal with loneliness, boredom, depression, or sadness.

They greet you warmly

The way your cat welcomes you can show you if they’re happy or not. Observe how they greet you when you wake up in the morning and go to give them breakfast. Or how they react when they see you arrive home from a day at work.

A happy cat shows you their emotions after you’ve been away for some time. They will often greet you warmly with a straight and upright tail, erect ears, and by then rubbing their body, face, and ears around your legs. But they will never trip you over by rubbing around your ankles.

They make a purring sound

Cats are vocal mammals. Besides their meows, they also make all sorts of noise when they want to request a cuddle, ask for food, or tell you they are cold. When they are feeling happy, cats also make specific noises, almost responding to your chat.

Being vocal alone is generally a good sound. However, the purring sound is a very good sign that your cat is happy to be around you. The more high-pitched the sounds are, the better they feel.

However, lower pitch meows could be an indicator that your cat is frustrated and want something.

They give you presents

Cats are natural hunters and they wouldn’t share the rewards of their hunting with someone they do not love. So count it all joy and see it as a sign that your feline friend is happy when they decide to share their hard-earned bounty with you.

You may find it unpleasant seeing a pigeon under your bed or a dead mouse in your kitchen. But it’s surely a clear sign that your cat loves you. Cats love to kill anything from mice to frogs and birds, and if they bring any to you, accept it as a special present from a happy cat.

They have a good appetite

When your cat is happy, they tend to ask for food from you by meowing and rubbing around your legs. This way, they’re vocally trying to lead you to their food bowl. In other words, they are telling you they know you are to look after them because they trust you.

Cats are cleverer than you think and they intentionally train their owners to given them treats when required, as well as demand for food. But note that they only express all of this behavior as a sign of trust and happiness.


We all love to see our pets happy and contented and now that you know the signs that they express, do not be harsh on them. Instead, accept them, play with them, and allow them to curl on you, as well as bring you gifts.

Cats are known to groom themselves. But note that a little pampering makes them happy.

However, if you notice any funny signs in your cat, try to visit your veterinarian to get a clear understanding and proper treatment if need be.



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