Dealing with ticks and mosquitoes: Protection and treatment for you and your pets

Mosquitoes and ticks are no joke. They carry illnesses that can cause serious neurological complications, and even death in extreme cases. Pets and humans are at risk with these tiny tyrants lurking around. These types of pests cannot be eliminated entirely, but we can take steps to protect ourselves and reduce the likelihood of getting bitten.


Our pets are our best friends, so naturally we want to protect them, too. Sites like Pettsie offer great gifts for pets and owners, like matching bracelets, bandanas, and collars, as well as providing a useful blog regarding pet health. One of their helpful blog entries shares tips on giving pets medication, which may be particularly useful if you are using supplements to treat or prevent tick-borne illness.

Preventive Tick and Mosquito Treatments for Pets

Pets can be protected from ticks and mosquitos in several ways, but the most common types of preventatives are baths, collars, and spot treatments. As a preventive measure for dogs against fleas, ticks and heartworm, Simparica Trio offers protection in a chewable formula, which may be a bit easier to convince your dog to eat than other medications.


Cats, who are notorious for being fussy about medications, may do well with spot treatments or collars for tick prevention. You can also protect your cats and dogs from mosquito bites by using diluted essential oils and Avon’s Skin So Soft. The best methods to help protect yourself, your family, and your pets from mosquitoes and ticks is by discouraging their presence in your yard.


Reducing Ticks and Mosquitoes in Your Yard

You can reduce the population of ticks and mosquitoes by clearing out dead trees, branches, and stumps, cutting tall grass, and getting rid of standing water on your property.  Having trees removed may reduce dampness which can reduce breeding grounds for mosquito larva. If you opt to have trees removed from your property, consider hiring a professional to complete the job.

You can find experienced arborists who have the proper equipment and gear to safely remove trees from your yard. As you investigate the varying tree services providers in your area, read online reviews and obtain estimates from several arborists before hiring. Some offer stump removal and disposal, so be sure to inquire about this when you get your quotes.

Ticks are often most at home in woodsy environments so think about the location of your children’s swing set or where you post your dog’s run. To further prevent ticks and mosquitoes, consider using outdoor products such as tick control tubes, or contact your local exterminator to ask for a consultation. Meanwhile, you can take preventative measures to keep yourself and your family safe.

Staying Safe from Ticks and Mosquitoes

You may be able to prevent ticks from biting your family by wearing long sleeves and pants that are tucked into socks. Ticks cling to clothing and head to hotspots on your body, so be sure to do thorough tick-checks after you have been outside. Learn what ticks look like, as well as the varying types of ticks that are in your area.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a tick, there are symptoms you should look for that may indicate a tick-borne illness, including a rash, red spot, facial palsy, fever, and swelling. Parents who notice a tick on their baby should carefully remove it with tweezers and dispose of it in the toilet. Monitor for a fever or rash over the next month and follow up with your child’s doctor.

Mosquito bites can also result in dangerous outcomes. Headache, fatigue, and a fever are common signs of a variety of illnesses, and this is also true for mosquito-borne ailments. Additional symptoms that may indicate you have a more serious issue include body aches, vomiting, confusion, a stiff neck, pain behind your eyes, and sensitivity to light, among others. If you start to notice these symptoms, see a doctor right away.

Ticks and mosquitos are prevalent, but they do not need to ruin your summer. Protect yourself, your family, and your pets by reducing tick and mosquito habitats in your yard, dressing for protection, and watching for signs of illness. Enjoying your pets and having summer adventures should not be hampered by the threat of these critters.

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