Best pet-friendly vacation places for your beloved cat and dog

Perhaps it's about time for vacation and you're wondering, "Where do I keep my pet?" You are probably concerned about how your cat will feel in your absence. And the more you think of a solution, the harder it becomes for you to make that decision of leaving your cat behind.

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Well, do you know you can go on a vacation with your four-legged friend? Yes, so instead of living your feline companion back, you can enjoy maximum fun with your feline around. All you need is to figure out vacation places that allow pets.

Many places around the world welcome visitors with pets and allow them to explore and catch fun without restrictions. In this article, we shall explore the best pet-friendly vacation places you can visit with your beloved cat and dog.

Catskill at New York

Catskill? Does that name suggest anything to you? Yeah, it's all about your cat!

If you're looking for a vacation place where your cat will be treated exactly like a human, visit Catskill. The fun, excitement, and memorable experience at Catskill are awesome.

At Catskill, your cat will be treated as a god to an extent that they will wish to speak and say something like "I want to stay here forever."

At Catskill, a festival known as Cat-N-Around is hosted every year with several artists that specialize in creating excitement for felines.

Kimpton Hotels

If you want to spend your vacation stateside and need a cool place that will offer a warm welcome to you and your cat and dog, Kimpton Hotels seems to be an ideal place for you.

Kimpton Hotels have more than 60 boutique hotels in the United States that offer friendly treatment to both visitors and their pets.

A warm welcome will be given to your dog and cat and they will be allowed to sit with you in your room. You may also get an in-room massage for your feline friend to give them the best comfort. You may even attend a wine reception in the evening with your pets.

You will get an amazing experience spending your vacation with your feline at Kimpton Hotels.

The Best Little Cat House in California

If you live in Los Angeles, Pasadena, or Burbank and you want the best vacation experience with your beloved cat and dog, you may consider spending your vacation at The Best Little Cat House.

At this vacation place, you get a luxurious "Cat hotel" specifically made to welcome guests with cats. Here, you get a nice view of many beautiful things from gardens to playrooms for your feline friend.

Don't be surprised to see your cat rolling and kneading at you when you visit The Best Little Cat House, They're only expressing gratitude, excitement, and pleasure.

Asheville, North Carolina

If you want to have a pet-friendly vacation at a place with beautiful scenery, then take your beloved cat and dog to Asheville.

At Asheville, you get a nice view of imposing mountains, tours around many beautiful gardens, and a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway.

You may spend a nice time in the evening with pet-friendly pizza and brewing at Asheville. You may also visit North Carolina Arboretum right in Asheville, a location well-known for its beautiful gardens.

You need not worry about getting comfortable accommodation for you and your pet as you can get pet-friendly lodging at the Cambria Hotels and Suites right in Asheville.

The Cat Island, Japan

Imagine the huge welcome and hospitality your cat will get from an island where people believe that cats bring "good fortune and wealth". A good example of such a place is the Japanese Island Tashirojima which is popularly known as "The Cat Island".

At this vacation place, there are more cats than humans and those cats are treated as gods. Here, your feline friend gets incomparable hospitality.

What about food? Yeah, the good news is that cats are fed freely with tasty dishes from local fishermen at this vacation place. In addition to this, cat-shaped houses are available to shelter your feline.

Huntington Beach, California

At Huntington Beach, you get to enjoy your vacation with a cool breeze every evening. Imagine the comfort, the fun, and excitement waiting for you.

You can find several dog-friendly beaches at Huntington Beach. The Rosie's Dog Beach and the Huntington Dog Beach are cool locations to enjoy your vacation to the fullest with your dog.

Getting pet-friendly accommodation, as well as a restaurant where you and your dog can have sumptuous meals is quite easy at Huntington Beach. Seafood Zone and Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar are cool spots for you to get your local favorite delicacies at Huntington Beach.

Lake Placid, New York

If you are a lover of nature and you want a pet-friendly vacation that will clear your curiosity about lakes, beaches, hills, and islands, then you should consider visiting Lake Placid with your pet on your next vacation.

The calm water in this lake is adorable, the lake also has an incomparable dog-friendly beach where you and your dog can relax while watching the wonders of nature.

Close to the lake is Mount Jo, on which you may take a walk with your four-legged friend. After satisfying your curiosity during the day, a comfortable night awaits you at Lake Placid Summit Hotel.

Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans

This pet-friendly vacation place is a historic French quarter that has every package you want for the satisfaction of your cat and dog during vacation.

You get everything from pet-friendly accommodation to several kinds of food and water bowls for your cat. The floor is made attractive for pets to have fun on, several toys are also available for your cat to play with and feel the excitement of a cool vacation.

In addition, you get to meet other tourists that are pet owners and you share your experience and ideas and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Another pet-friendly and fun-filled vacation place to visit is the historic city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Several beautiful places are located in Wilmington, including Halyburton Park where you and your feline or dog can take a walk on its beautiful trails.

The park also has a pet-friendly playground for kids and pets. More so, several toys and slides are available for your pet to have much fun.

Just a few distance away is Freeman Park, which contains a wide and pet-friendly beach where you can stay for a while to enjoy the cool breeze with your pet.

If you get thirsty and need to take a cup of coffee, The Java Dog Coffee House offers a delightful atmosphere where you can take a cup of coffee and get some drinks for your pet.

At night, comfortable accommodation awaits you at the TownePlace Suites. This lodge welcomes you and your pet with hospitality.


No more spending your vacations without your four-legged feline friend. We’ve showed you Best Pet-friendly Vacation Places for Your Beloved Cat and Dog. These are the best places that accommodates pets and offer top-notch hospitality.

Catskill in New York, Cat Island in Japan, and Lake Placid in New York are pet-friendly locations where you can get the best experience with your cat and dog while having a vacation full of fun.



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