A Helpful Moving Guide for Pet Parents

Moving with pets can be overwhelming to pet parents, as it involves careful planning. If you're moving to Florida from another state, it's better to work with a real estate agent to help you find a pet-friendly home and neighborhood. Keep reading for more tips on relocating with your pets.


Should You Hire a Pet Transport Company?

While it may not be the cheapest option, you have peace of mind knowing that your pet is in good hands with a professional pet shipper. Pet transport companies have a trained and compassionate team highly experienced with shipping pets and making them comfortable during travel. The only thing you'll need to worry about is shipping all your belongings to Florida and getting your new home organized.

Ways to Pet-proof Your New Home

You can create a pet-safe home by completely closing off areas with potentially unsafe or poisonous items, such as toxic cleaning supplies. Consider storing them on a high shelf, away from your pets. Better yet, use only nontoxic, pet-safe cleaning products.

Other tips for pet-proofing your home:
  • Store your medications safely. Avoid storing your medications on the counter, as your pets might be able to reach them. Keep them in your medicine box. Make sure the boxes are also completely sealed.
  • Keep wires protected. Invest in cord concealers, spiral cable wrap, or PVC pipe to hide electrical cords from your dog or cat since chewing on electrical cables can lead to serious injury.
  • Start decluttering. Keep your socks, clothes, office supplies, and other small home items out of your pet's reach. Bobby pins and cotton swabs can be dangerous to dogs. Always clean as you go.

Why It's Important to Purchase Pet Insurance

Getting health coverage for your pets can help you save money on annual checkups, vaccinations, and veterinary care for accidents or illnesses. Carefully evaluate sample quotes and read customer reviews before choosing pet insurance. Considerations when shopping for pet insurance include coverage level, premiums, and deductibles.

How To Help Pets Adjust and Settle in Their New Home

Dogs and cats are creatures of habit, and an unexpected change in the environment may cause anxiety. Make things easy for them by keeping a routine and staying on schedule as much as possible. Packing pet essentials such as toys, treats, and favorite food also does the trick. Make sure you have it easily accessible on moving day.

As soon as you arrive, it's best to set up a dog's space immediately. It doesn't need to be fancy, just a space in the corner with comforting and familiar things. Include a small bed, toys, blankets, and water.

Your pet can easily adapt and settle in when you also give them a lot of attention. Stay home as much as you can, at least for a week, to help them acclimate to their new home. Most importantly, stay compassionate and patient.

Are You Ready for Your Move?

Use our guide above for a stress-free move to Florida, and don't forget to purchase pet insurance to save on veterinary costs. For pet accessories, check out our cat and dog collars today.



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