9 signs that you are obsessed with your cat

If you’re asked, “Do you love your cat?” I know you’d be quick to say “Yes I do.” Of course, who wouldn’t love a cute little feline friend who makes one happy and smile daily, even with just by looking at them. Although your cat might act silly sometimes, you just love keep them around you, make them sit next to you kneading your leg, or wander around in the house.


But wait, if you’re asked right now, “Are you obsessed with your cat?” What would you say? I know you might be reluctant to agree. You might say something like, “Hell no, I only love my cat, but not obsessed.” Relax, it is never a crime if you’re obsessed with your cuddly feline. It only shows you have a strong feeling more than just love for your kitty.

Okay, in this article, we’ll show you 9 signs to let you know if you’re truly obsessed with your cat or not as you’re probably claiming.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it:

1. You think about them every freaking time

If you can’t help but think about your feline friend all the time, whether at home or at work, it is a clear sign that you might be obsessed with your kitty. It is not surprising that you developed a strong emotion for your cat, yes, cats can make you feel happy when you’re feeling blue and their emotions are sincere.

So when you go beyond just love and start to feel a bit stalker-ish in the way that you stare at your cat, especially when they’re sleeping, it is a sign of obsession.

2. You can’t sleep unless your cat is in bed

Of course, cats should have their own fancy bed and space, but you lose sleep until your cat gets to share your own bed with you. That’s a sign of obsession.

Even when your cat sleeps directly on your face or insists on using your pillow, you tend to find that purring sound soothing. You just want them to be happy, even when they sleep on your head, blocking your air passages. You just get along as long as there’s still a way for you to breath.

Some persons can’t sleep without a fan going, but in your case, you can’t catch a sleep until your cuddly kitty is snuggled up against you in the bed.

In fact, you’re more obsessed if you go as far as using a custom blanket with your cat’s photo printed on it.

3. You create a social media page for your cat

This is another sign of obsession. When your cat has their Facebook, twitter, or Instagram page, or you’ve ever Facetimes your cat while you’re not home with them.

Also, if you’ve installed a Wi-Fi camera in your house so you can check up on your cat every few minutes while you’re away, you might be obsessed.

Anyways, of what good is technology and social media if you can’t use it to crush on your feline friend?

4. You celebrate birthdays and holidays with your cat

You might be obsessed with your cat if you keep a good tab of their exact birthday (or “Gotcha Day if you’ve got a rescue dog), and shower them with expensive gift-wrapped catnip toys.

When you also go to the extent of buying their favorite treats every year just to celebrate holidays or birthdays, it’s a sign of obsession.

Your kitty even goes to see Santa before Christmas and you get the tiny Santa hat and a photo of your cat in it just to prove that your feline friend had an exciting moment.

More so, even when you could possibly leave your cat with a neighbor or friend during a weekend away, you do everything possible to take your cat along with you, even on vacations.

You find it hard to accept the thought of leaving them all weekend. Well, it’s okay to take them with you. If the travel conditions do not pose any restrictions, it’s cool, feed your obsession and enjoy your adventures with your kitty.

5. You call your cat my “my child” instead of pets

When you start seeing your kitty as your child, it’s beyond love, it might simply be cheer obsession. You start seeing them as your fur baby or four-legged family member. Well, everyone should feel lucky to have a cat as a companion.

6. Your cat gets everything they could possibly want

When you know what your cat is thinking just by looking at their wide, hopeful eyes and you go out of your way to get it for them, it might be a sign of obsession.

Your cat gets everything they could possibly want, from more toys, to more cat jungle gyms and more scratch posts.

And you go as far as getting extras. You tend to think, “Eh, the pet store is having a sale on this stuff, so why not get another one for my feline friend?”

You don’t even bother that your house has more cat accessories than what is in the actual pet store. As long as your cat is super happy, you don’t mind breaking a bank.

7. You hold long conversations with your cat

If you find yourself talking out your whole day with your cat, you may simply be obsessed.  Sometimes, you get to tell your cat your to-do list for the day, the goals you have to smash, who you need to call, and even the friends you’re going to be hanging out with.

Sometimes, you may even ask your kitty for suggestions on what to wear for the day, holding your clothing options one after the other to gain approval or dismissal from your feline friend. You derive joy in getting a head tilt.

8. You stay in discomfort as long as it pleases your cat

When you place your cat’s interest first before yours in everything, it might be a sign of obsession. Even when you have a need to visit the restroom and you’re almost peeing in your pants, but your cat is deep asleep on your lap, you prefer not to move thinking your cat may never find that perfect position again.

How could I eat go out to take a walk when my cat is not yet awake? How could I buy this nice jean and t-shirt when I haven’t gotten that that nice catnip toy I saw the other day? All these may be clear signs of obsession.

Even at work, you close earlier and rush home just to be with your sweet cat who has been longing to have you back home.

9. You cancel important dates and appointments for your cat

You may not find it comfortable to tell the truth about the last date you cancelled, but you know deep down in your heart that you decided to spend time with your feline friend instead.

Well, you even go as far as spending more time with your feline friend that your family. This is a clear sign of obsession.


I know it’s quite hard to agree that you’re obsessed with your cat, but if you can relate with any of the signs mentioned above, then it is high time you accept the fact that you do have something beyond love for your cat, and it’s called Obsession.

Don’t worry, about it, we think it’s completely justified.



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