9 dog breeds best known for cuddling

Dogs are our friends and they make very good companions. When you have a dog, it is different from other animals. Dogs become devoted very fast in loving and pleasing you. More than just being a pet, they show loyalty, love, and affection, and they bring comfort to their owners.

More so, dogs are capable of forming very special bonds with people. So much that they earn the position of a family member very quickly.

While dogs may want to give you all the affection there is, they also love being loved. This, however, is not true for all kinds of dogs. While some dogs are naturally built to be very affectionate, others are more independent and aloof and may not enjoy being cuddled.

If you want a dog that will naturally strive to be a good companion and love to snuggle, then here is a list you can choose from:


1. Golden retriever

This breed of dogs is born to please you. It is loved and appreciated everywhere as a first-rated companion dog. Apart from being a very popular dog in the United States, this medium-sized dog got its name from being able to retrieve shot game without damaging it. They have a love for water and are easy to train. They have quite a lot of fur and require regular grooming to look modest. Although they are known more for being assistance dogs, they can be trained to be a rescue dog.

This breed is naturally not aggressive. It has a gentle temperament; hence, it is unsuited for guarding. But its meek qualities make it an awesome companion and family dog. They are, muscular, friendly, intelligent and highly trainable yet they play a lot.


2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This medium-sized British dog has a legacy for fighting. Their powerful-looking stature, muscular neck and smooth coat make them look fierce like their relatives- the pit bulls.

In the right home and under the right training conditions, this breed can be brought up to be a loving and gentle dog. So much that they can be trusted with children and even babies. They can be the best company keepers and keep a good relationship with other dogs.

Don’t be deceived by their stature, they are one very affectionate breed of dogs.


3. Greyhound

The greyhound has long legs, slender bodies and likes a long hug. They have been used for many years as racing dogs because they are well adapted for speed.

Although they may be unfriendly towards strangers, they are naturally very affectionate towards their own family and if you’re family, they’d shower you with loads of love and warm hugs whenever you want.

Because they are particularly known for racing, the muzzle they wear while racing can give you the impression that they are aggressive. This, however, is not true as they are very gentle and sensitive they are also very intelligent dogs and respond extremely well to training.

The happiest Greyhounds are the ones that are family pets. They can cuddle all day if only you’d permit them.


4. Newfoundland

This breed is giant-sized, having a thick double coat and a lot of furs almost feeling like a pillow. Not only do they enjoy snuggling with their owners, but their coat also makes them feel like very comfortable furniture. They are well adapted for swimming with their large bones and muscles weighing on average as much as the average human.

They are the ideal breed of working dogs, very useful on the field and also very loyal. They are very calm and submissive. They enjoy leaning unto their human friends, they are one of the sweetest breeds of dogs.


5. Pomeranian

This breed is one of the small breeds of dogs that can make very good companion dogs. They used to be owned by royals, especially the queens, because of their good companionship.

Pomeranians are very loyal, playful and friendly. With their compact bodies, they may fight away other dogs and humans that try to get close to their favourite human owner.

They are attention seekers and like babies always want to get what they want. Still, these extroverted dogs can be easy to train and are quite intelligent. If you love them, they’d love you right back.


6. English Mastiff

These large heads will rather stay indoors watching TV than go on walks. They want to be on your lap while resting, acting all obediently with their owners even though they are the most courageous of dogs.

They have massive bodies, but even larger heads. They can be very good guardian dogs, as they can weigh up to 80kg. They are not the tallest though but have a muscular body.

As a family dog, the English Mastiff has a loving nature and will permit children to play with him despite his intimidating appearance. Funny how they love belly scratches and warm hugs.


7. Chihuahua

These dogs are fun to be with. These little Mexican dogs only weigh 2 to 3 kg. There are two different breeds of this dog, identified as either the apple heads or the deer heads. These two are recognized as distinct by the UK kennel club.

However, whatever the breed subtypes, Chihuahuas are good companions. They benefit well from their relationship with humans. Their behaviour depends on a large extent on how you train them and they are quite open to training.

The thing with Chihuahuas is that they can become fiercely attached to one person and become very protective. If you’re that person, you are in luck because they’d love you unconditionally.


8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is another small breed that is very friendly.  The more attention you give them, the more affection they will have for you. They are naturally the ideal family dogs. Good around children and other dogs and animals.

Their temperament status is ranked very social. They want to socialize and play. They are very keen on pleasing their human friends. Cavaliers form strong bonds with humans and other animals and have good intelligence capacity.


9. Pug

Pugs are short, wrinkly and have a compact body and muzzled face. This breed of dogs has a remarkable personality. They are hardly aggressive and are good family dogs. They are obedient and can be fond of children, they particularly like following their owners around or being close to them, longing affection and love from their owners.


Dogs generally like affection but some breeds prefer to be independent and can be very stubborn. Somehow, these dog breeds also tend to be highly intelligent. An example is an Afghan hound.  If you want to have a dog as a cuddle buddy, then one of these will be a great option.

However, sometimes dogs may not be in the mood to be cuddled. This is because like you, they have emotions and will not always feel like it. But your cuddle buddy will be more comfortable seeking your attention if he is kept happy and healthy.

That being said, you should be respectful of the space of your dog. You may own him but to enjoy a symbiotic relationship, learn to read his communicative signs and offer a hug only when he is up for it (relaxed and comfortable).



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