7 reasons why your cat brings you gifts

Cats are incredible creatures; funny, majestic, always changing and diverse in nature. Because of their athleticism, agility, claws and teeth, they are regarded as the perfect killing machines. They are amazing companions who share our lives and family. For centuries, humans and cats have begun to share their environment. We do not know exactly when this happened, but our ancestors probably appreciated cats for their ability to reduce rodent’s populations.

It's important to keep in mind that cats are hunters by nature, just because cats are domesticated and usually get their food from a can does not make the hunter's instincts less profound. These instincts sometimes make them do things that baffle and surprise us. Like when they bring home their dead prey, they expect from us to be happy about it. The question is why do cats do this? So, here are the following 7 reasons your cat brings you gifts.


1. The first is the one you may have heard before, that your cat brings you gifts to show that she loves you. Cats are strange and amazing creatures, and there is no better way to says "I love you" like a dead bird on the front door or porch. So, the next time your feline companion brings you a dead animal as a gift don’t get angry. Your cat is doing what she believes is best for you. This is basically her way of telling you that she loves you and cares for you. It does not matter if there is Christmas, anniversaries or birthdays; they always appreciate their human pal.

2. The second reason your cat brings you gifts is because she wants praise. You cat has brought you a delicious treat! Why won’t you be happy? Because the dead bird on your pillow is a gift from a feline pal, some experts say you should react silently, peacefully and praise your cat for the gift.

3. The third reason is to show you how to hunt: Your cat sees humans, as inexperienced hunters. That's why she is bringing his dead prey to you. He is trying to teach you how to hunt as they do. Cats are often raised by their mother, who basically teaches them how to survive alone and catching prey is one of the skills they learned from their mother. The mother will often begin teaching them by bringing home dead prey for the kittens to eat. Then, she will bring home an injured animal, still alive, to teach her kittens how to kill on their own. Once they are old enough, they will go with their mother to learn how to hunt on their own.

4. Your cat sees you as her Surrogate Kid: This is often done by a female cat, mother cats tend to bring home their catch to their young ones like saying: "Here it is, that is how it’s done". Dropping the prey at the kitten’s feet is a message that dinner is ready. Your cat is just projecting this inherent need to provide for you. She is showing you her love as part of her family.

5. You cat may want you to turn the prey into her usual food: Sometimes, I caught my cat stealing a piece of raw meat from the kitchen. Could it be your furry pal is craving for raw food? Domestic cats have existed for thousands of years. Certainly, they did not live on processed foods all this time. By nature, cats eat other animals such as birds, rabbits, and squirrels. This means that their natural diet consists mainly of animal tissues. So, by bringing you the dead bird as a gift, your cat might be passing a message “let’s go raw!” Since your cat can’t talk, she might be telling you in her own way, the kind of food she needs.

6. Everyone needs a trophy: your cat is a proud beast: She is a huntress above all and there is no safe prey in her domain. Perhaps that is what she would like you to believe; maybe you have not been paying attention to her hunting skills. So, when she drops a dead bird, bug, snake or anything at your feet, she is basically saying: Yes, I am a cat to be reckoned with. She is very proud of her kill and wants you to praise her.

Could it also be your furry pal is craving for raw food?

7. Your cat sees you as her alpha pack leader: As a domesticated carnivore, anytime your cat brings you something, alive or dead, it is showing you respect and consider your status as the leader in its pack. Cats have been with humans a little bit longer, so their feline’s genetic coding has not eliminated the need to provide something for her leader.

So, the next time your feline pal chooses to drop a dead bird or mouse at your doormat, just calm down and do not make a disgusted face because your furry pal can interpret body language. Thank your pal for the gift and if she allows you, dispose of it. If she does not allow you to dispose of the gift, then let him take it outside. And don’t forget that your cat loves you; she is only trying to bring out the inner predator in you.



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