7 activities you didn't know you can do with your cat

Cats are fun loving and adventurous in nature, even though they are not as active as dogs. So if you’re not trying new activities with your feline friend, they may become bored and unhappy over time.  

In fact, boredom can cause your cat to start doing things that may not please you. Yeah, your cat may start going to out-of-bound areas in your home or scratch your door. Do not be surprised when you notice a sudden change in their attitude, they may just be acting on their curiosity.

However, some cats can quickly turn just about anything into a toy and a boring event into an exciting game. But note that you may end up cleaning a lot of mess.

So the best thing to do is to try exciting activities with your kitty daily. You don’t have to run outdoors, watch TV o engage in food hunting all the time.

There are many fun-filled activities that you probably didn’t know works for your cat, but we will show you some great options to try.

Without much ado, here are some activities you most likely didn’t know you can do with your cat:

1. Mount a Birdfeeder for your Cat

Cats naturally love to watch birds outdoors. So getting a bird feeder and placing them at a good spot in your home – say your window – can give your cat hours of mental stimulation and excitement. This can be great source of fun for both of you.

After mounting the bird feeder, just sit back and watch your cat try something you wouldn’t imagine – the kitty chatter.

Cats actually do chatter in reaction to prey and this is common when they see birds. Your Cat tends to stare intently at the bird and start chattering their jaw rapidly (what you would do when you’re feeling very cold), while meowing quietly.

It’s big fun to your cat and you both can sit at the window and watch as the birds come by.

2. Watch YouTube Videos for Cats

You might be used to watching cat videos on YouTube and see it as great fun with your cat. But one thing you probably didn’t know is that you can watch videos for cats and not only videos of cats. It’s clearly different things now.

YouTube has thousands of videos for cats which features close-up shots of mice, birds, and squirrels.  Although some cats may not react strongly, there is a chance that if you find videos about something your cat likes, you’ll get their full attention.

Ensure your volume is turned on so your cat can hear the noises from the little critters. Don’t be surprised when your cat does a few circles around your tab or laptop just to figure out where the birds are hiding.

3. Toilet train your cat

You might be used to the litter box training, but do you know you can toilet train your cat? You’re probably hearing that for the first time.

You can toilet train your feline friend to keep things adventurous for them. We already know litterboxes offers benefits from saving on litter to reducing how frequent you clean. But it’s quite amazing and a little strange to walk in on your cat in the bathroom doing their business and have to wait outside for you turn.

However, not all cats get along fast with toilet training, but you can get some products that actually help you convert your toilet into a litter box and slowly move from litter to a regular toilet. You can search for that in your leisure time.

4. Take care of a new feline friend

You may not be thinking in this direction, but some cats are actually cool with new feline friends. You can decide to introduce a foster cat or kitten to your home. It is better if you’re fostering kittens as they are more likely to be happy to meet a new cat.

Are you wondering what fostering means? Well, here it’s quite simple.

The world has many shelters that need help taking care of animals, including cats. Most of these shelters need temporary homes for the cats and kittens until they’re ready for adoption.

The US allows kittens to be adopted out until they’re 8 weeks old and around 2 pounds. What this means is that kittens in the shelter under that age and weight needs a place to stay while they grow up, and you might consider to take them into your home.

5. Build a Cat Tree

You can make use of some basic tools around you to build a cat tree. Many how-to guides and instruction videos are available on YouTube that shows you how to come up with something amazing. But it all depends on the kind of cat tree you intend to build.

However, if it’s your first time, you can start out with something very simple, or you may simply make some modifications to your existing cat tree.

Most cat trees have a carpet or other material that’s easy to scratch on, but you can consider building a cat tree that includes plastic or PVC bedding. This style is quite simpler to build and clean using soap and water.

6. Make some DIY cat toys

This is another fun activity you probably haven’t tried before now, but it is quite interesting when you do it with your cat.

But always keep in mind that cats love to do their own thing. So while you spend time building a beautiful cat toy, don’t be disappointed when you see your cat having a nice time with a piece of paper instead.

It’s all about fun anyways! So the toy-making process shouldn’t have rules. But if you keep it thrilling and exciting, you can have your feline friend’s attention all through the building process.

However, always ensure the toy you’re building is safe for your kitty. And for the first few times they use it, ensure you supervise them closely during playtime.

7. Plant some cat safe plants in your home

You can consider planting some cat grass indoors to give your cat some nice taste of the outdoors from inside your house.

Note that “cat grass” isn’t any one type of grass; it can actually be a combination of grasses, such as barley, rye, wheat, and oat.

Don’t worry if cat grass sounds like a salad, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they only need animal meat to get the nutrients to stay healthy.  

But cats love to chomp, chew, and rub their cheeks on plants. So even if they get to chew some parts of the cat grass, it may provide roughages that aid digestion. More so, cats that eat grass routinely may have fewer hairballs, more regular gastrointestinal tracts, and less constipation.

However, you have to always ensure the cat grass you’re planting is not toxic to your cat, just in case they chew on it during playtime.

In all, it is much fun planting the seeds and watching your cat enjoy the grass as they grow. You can keep the grass at different spots throughout your house.


The above-listed activities are fun to enjoy with your cat for days. You can also consider throwing your cat a party, listen to cat music, or try some cat yoga, amongst other creative activities.

You can share with us some creative activities you’ve tried with your cat in the comment section below.



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