13 reasons why being a "Crazy Cat Person" is a good thing

Being a cat crazy person is a good thing.

Cats are the most adorable cute little things. If you are like me, chances are, you adore cats, too. And who can resist them? They are quirky, witty and the most irresistible creatures. They have the special ability to understand humans at all times.

Did you know there are about 58.4 million pet cats owned by people in the United States making them the second most popular pet? And guess what, the cat owners usually prefer to have more than one cats in their houses

Not only the United States but also the United Kingdom has about 12 million cats owned by people.

According to Wikipedia, the cats were domesticated in Cyprus initially around 7500 BC. That means the cats have been an integral part of humans lives since around 9500 years.

Well, having a pet cat was more like a trend because it was a common thought that people with a lot of money and free time can have a pet. But with the passage of time, we have witnessed some mind-blowing stories about the human-pet relationship, especially cats.

These days, cats have become like one of the best companions for humans, along with the dogs. Their owners, who are commonly known as Cat Person, treat them as their family members, in fact, most of them treat them as their own children.

Interestingly, the people have started treating their cats with more love and affection, and their pet cats join them in their daily routine tasks such as taking meals together, doing exercises, walk, lying together on a bed or a sofa, discussing almost anything and everything. And that’s what makes them crazy cat persons.


What is a Crazy Cat Person?
A “Crazy Cat Person” or a “Cat Crazy” has the following traits:

  • The person spends most of his/her time with his/her cats. The person talks to his/her cat just like he/she would talk to his family and friends.
  • The person has lots of pictures of his cat pasted everywhere in his bedroom, buys treats and clothes for her, prefers to buy his cat’s supplies and food instead of his own necessities, and much more.
  • If you somehow get a chance to meet a person who talks about his cats only, that means, you have met the Crazy Cat Person.

Since the Crazy Cat Persons came into being, a new debate has been started about; if it’s good or bad thing to be a Crazy Cat Person.

There are people who have been giving negative comments on being a Cat Crazy but guess what?

We have 13 powerful reasons why we believe being a Crazy Cat Person is actually a good thing for you.

So, the next time, if someone teases you or calls you a crazy cat person for your love of cats, you should slap them with the following positive reasons and take pride in the fact that you are a crazy cat person.


1. Get a Cat and strengthen your heart

According to this study, having a cat can decrease the risk of heart attack by around 33%. This study was conducted at the University of Minnesota and it took about 10 years to get this conclusion that the cat owners are less likely to get a heart attack and die following a cardiac arrest if they have a cat around.

Wondering why? Because anxiety, stress and loneliness are among the most common issues people are confronted with these days.

Hence, having a pet as a cat could help relieve stress. So, just cheers! You have cut down your medical cost by almost 33%.

2. Purr is the Best Medicine

The cats’ purrs have miraculous effects on their owner. Scientists suggest that their purrs have been found helpful in lowering blood pressure and reducing stress, especially psychological stress. According to this study, cats are much better than other pets in terms of positive health effects on their owners. Not only this, scientists also suggest that cats’ purrs can strengthen their owner’s bones and muscles.

Check out why cats purr and what does it mean in this article from GrubbyCat.com

3. They make you Smarter than dog owners

Well, getting a cat was one of your smartest decisions ever but a survey that was conducted by the University of Bristol suggested that Cat owners are smarter than dog owners. This report by, “The Telegraph” also suggests that cat owners are more educated and intelligent than dog owners, and they are likely to have a college degree. As cats require less attention than dogs, they are the perfect choice for the intellectual with busy routines.


4. They entertain you and make you laugh

Many people think that cats are boring and lack a good personality as compared to dogs. But let me tell you, cats are funny, sassy, and mysterious creatures. They are always ready to do something new to entertain you and that too with grace. Their silly noises and crazy positions can make you laugh unexpectedly, and we all know that laughing is the best medicine in the world. Rest assured, if you have a cat/cats around that will make you a happy person and impact your overall mood. Cats make the best companions. They also bring you gifts of which many are not desirable. Check out what cats bring home, sometimes even hidden treasures.

5. Get a Cat, Sleep like a Log

Several studies reveal a weird fact; most of the cat owners prefer to sleep with their cats, instead of their partners, especially, women develop more attachment over the time with their cats. According to a Mayo Clinic Center Study, 41% of the cat owners admitted that they get better sleep with their pet as compared to their human partners. So, if you are an Insomnia victim and don’t have a cat, consider getting one ASAP to cure your insomnia. Don’t forget to thank us later.

6. Firewall against allergies

According to the study by National Institute of Health, the children that are exposed to pets, and specifically cats, have a less chance to develop allergies such as ragweed or dust mites, as well as, pet allergies. So, it is suggested to keep your kids exposed to cats to decrease chances of allergy in their adulthood.

7. Cats are Cheaper to own than dogs

According to this study by ASPCA, cats are much cheaper to maintain and easy to take care than dogs. You can save up to $500 to $900 by owning a cat rather than a small or large-sized breed of dog.

8. They are Life Savers

Cats are said to be careless and unresponsive towards their owners, but this misconception has been proven wrong on many occasions when they saved the lives of many humans. The most popular case was witnessed in the United Kingdom when a pet cat named “Lily” saved the life of a person. Lily has the ability to sense the epileptic seizure in her 19-year old owner and alerted his mother. That means, if you have a pet cat, she is taking care of you unintentionally and will be there if you need her help.

9. The Best Companion to reduce Loneliness

Almost all the pets are good listeners and help you reduce feelings of loneliness but the cats are a superhero in this regard. Either you need a partner who listens to you carefully while complaining about your bad day or the one who show affection, love, and excitement towards once you return home after a long tiring day, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. Buy a cat as they make the best companion. Yes, you can always rely on cats.

10. They help autistic people communicate

Cats have proven records to help autistic people and especially children to communicate in a better way. When exposed to cats and created a bond with them, the autistic people have had major improvements in their communication skills. Moreover, petting a cat releases the feel-good hormone (Oxytocin) that increases comfortability of the people with autism.


11. They make the best cuddle buddies

You won’t regret spending hours in cuddling these warm, fluffy, and passionate creatures. Either you are going through some serious times or feeling sick, your cat will always be there to cuddle and help you release feel- good hormone.

12. They increase your sociability

The cats reduce your shyness and enhance your communication skills, as well as, they make you a conversation starter. As they also boost your sensitivity and intelligence, you can easily become a hot cake for women, as women are more attracted to sensitive and intelligent people.

13. Helpful in recovery from trauma

Cats have some surprising healing benefits and they help you recover from trauma more quickly. Many patients after having a serious surgery reported that their cat helped them recover faster from trauma. Moreover, many military personnel also admitted that their pet cats have helped them feel better while they were suffering from PTSD.

If you need more information as a new pet owner, here you can check out this guide about pet parenting basics, pet-proofing a home, scheduling a vet visit, budgeting, and what to do if a pet needs to be rehomed.

So, I am hoping by now you are convinced that owning a cat is actually a positive thing owing to the many positive impact it can have on your overall well being. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a cat now and take pride in being called a crazy cat person.



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