11 awesome facts about domestic shorthair cats

There are many domestic cat breeds and they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Interestingly, one of the most popular, yet simple cat breeds that have captured the heart of millions is the domestic shorthair.

You must have heard of names like an alley cat, tomcat, and house cat- all these names are sometimes used to describe this breed.


But how much do you know about this blended breed? While some are small, others are big, and while some are solid, others have stripes. However, these are just the obvious facts you can easily see.

There are more awesome facts about domestic shorthair cats that you may not know. And that’s what we are going to show you in this article.

Without much ado, check out these 11 awesome facts about domestic shorthair cats:

Despite different genetic makeup, domestic shorthair cats share the same characteristics

The domestic shorthair cats can come in about any size and color, but overall, they are usually hearty cats with big muscular stature. They have a noticeable round-shaped head as well as round paws.

This cat breed is known for being healthy, but they love to eat constantly. So if you don’t control their eating habit, they have a high tendency of becoming obese.

Garfield must have been classified as a domestic shorthair.

They are loving to have at home

Domestic shorthairs are a healthy breed with a long life span if you keep them indoors. They require little grooming and they get along well with children and other pets in the home.

Due to the overpopulation of the domestic shorthair, many shelters are filled with this cat breed. But that’s not the major reason why people love to have them around. It’s mainly because the domestic shorthairs are a healthy, loving, and special breed.

Domestic shorthairs are always on the hunt

When an average domestic cat travels outside of the home, they spend most of their time hunting. This breed gained entry into the United States aboard the Mayflower, and they were appreciated for their ability to control the population of rodents in the ship.

When you see the domestic shorthairs, know that you’re seeing a working cat that isn’t afraid to get on any task at any point in time.

Little wonder these breeds love to stay outdoors. Don’t be surprised if they come home with some of their “prizes” just to show you that they’ve got an amazing hunting skill that you don’t have.

Domestic shorthairs cat adopt you

Hilarious, right? Well, that’s the truth! A domestic shorthair is popularly known for owning you, instead of you owning them.

Be sincere, do you have a soft spot in your heart for the feline kind? If yes, then chances are that a domestic cat has adopted you at least once in your lifetime.

You may see this little (well, maybe big) cat come to your door when you least expect it, meowing for food and demanding love.

That’s because they are loving and friendly, and low and behold, they’ve decided to have you as their loving owner. And how do they pay you in return? They stay kind and loyal as long as you keep them. Awe!

Domestic shorthairs are highly intelligent

Domestic shorthair cats are one of the smartest breeds of cats, and that’s largely due to their natural breeding with no human intervention, meaning they have a larger genetic pool.

These highly intelligent cat breeds learn so fast and respond fast when their names are mentioned. That’s because they have a memory that is as sharp as a tack.

One time, the American shorthair and domestic shorthair were classified to be the same. Not until 1996 when this changed and the American Shorthair were classified in a breed of its own.

The major distinction between a purebred American shorthair and a domestic shorthair is the physical features.

The American shorthair produces a litter of kittens with identical features, temperament, and coat quality. But with the domestic shorthair, even kittens of the same litter look and act differently.


Domestic shorthairs come in varieties

Due to their mixed parentage, domestic shorthair cats come in different variety of colors and markings. You might have heard of terms like tabby and calico- these terms do not have anything to do with the breed; they only describe the markings on the cat.

So basically, the types of domestic shorthair cats include:

Domestic short-haired tabby

A tabby cat describes those domestic shorthaired that have distinct capital M markings. The striping on the head of the cat converges into the shape of the letter.

A mackerel tabby has rings around the legs and tail and a necklace of stripes on the chest. The name is derived from the stipe patterns on their torso that look like the shape of a fish skeleton. However, some do not have the fish pattern but have whorls that look like the target.

Another type of tabby is the ticked tabby, which has striping on the feet, tail, and heat, but not on the body. Their individual hairs show distinct bands of coloration known as agouti.

Domestic shorthair calico

These domestic shorthair cats have many colors, with patches of white, black, gray, brown, and orange scattered around their coat. However, one interesting fun fact about calico is that nearly all of them are female.

Domestic shorthair tuxedo cat

A tuxedo cat often has a black coloration on their head, flanks, and back, with white appearing on their feet, chest, and face. Rumor has it that the tuxedo shorthairs are more intelligent than other cat types.

Domestic shorthair cats love to exercise

You may know cats for the many hours of short-eye, roughly twice the amount humans do have. But always note that these felines have a history of hunting and catching vermin. It wasn’t long ago that letting cats come and go from the house became normal practice.

While they may be known to take their beauty rest and be docile, the domestic shorthair cats need time for physical activity and exploration and this is baked into their personalities.

Allowing these cats to exercise stimulates their mind. You can experiment with toys and game ideas to know what your four-eyed friends enjoy. Sometimes, this breed tends to stalk a dot of light from a laser pointer.

Their temperament differs

The personality of the domestic shorthaired varies just like their colors and markers. Some can dive under the bed whenever they see a visitor coming into the home. Others are purring cuddle bugs who welcome strangers and show them good loving.

However, given the centuries of sharing a home with humans, most domestic shorthair cats are reliable and friendly companions.


Domestic shorthair cats are one of the most popular breeds, well-known for their loving, affectionate, and peaceful personality.

Domestic shorthairs, however, are working-class and they love to hunt, and that’s more reason why you should allow them to spend some time outdoors to explore. You can experiment with cat toys and game ideas to discover what they enjoy the most.

More so, domestic shorthairs are highly intelligent and smart. They are not very vocal, but they are universally known to be lovable and caring.



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